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R1174 Hornby Breakdown Hauler Train Set

This action train set not only includes a spritely 0-4-0 locomotive but also a unique livered breakdown crane and a utility van. The set also includes a large oval of track with siding and buffer stop plus Midi Mat.

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R1151 Hornby Railways Caledonian Belle train Set

The halcyon days of British railways were at their best when numerous small branch lines criss-crossed the British countryside linking the small towns to the outside World.  This Caledonian Belle set emulates those small local trains with the smart 0-4-0 locomotive which makes easy work of hauling the 4 wheel coach and wagon around the oval of track included in the set.

The set includes a MidiMat on which the track included can be placed.  Additional Track Packs and accessory packs can be added in the future to extend the layout to a fully functioning model railway.

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R1171 Hornby Railways Flight of The MallardTrain Set

A celebratory set commemorating the 75th anniversary of 'Mallard' achieving the world speed record for steam locomotives. It was in July 1938 that 'Mallard' was recorded travelling at 126mph at South Bank on the East Coast Mainline, snatching the record from the German railway by a mere 1.5 mph - a record that still stands to this very day.

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R3220 Hornby Tyseley Connection ‘Pitchford Hall’ Train Pack

Locomotives and other rolling stock are restored, maintained and
serviced on the site maintaining the heritage of the former Great Western locomotive Tyseley steam depot & works. ‘Pitchford Hall’ was one such locomotive that benefited from the Tyseley Connection and is the subject of this 1,000 Limited Edition train pack

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R1177 Hornby Railways Gloucester City Pullman Train Set

The ‘Duke of Gloucester’ Pacific locomotive heads up this awe-inspiring train set with its three Pullman cars

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R1167 Hornby Flying Scotsman Train Set

The most famous locomotive and train in the World features in this superb Hornby train set.  The striking apple green liveried class A1
“Flying Scotsman”

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