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32-993 Bachmann Wickham Trolley Car

A great railway item finished in Engineers Yellowwith wasp stripes

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30-420 Bachmann Western Pullman Train Set

This western Pullman Ultima Digital Sound Set features the iconic 6 car Pullman in its stylish grey and blue livery as it ran on the Western Region from 1967.

The Dynamis Ultima DCC System allows you to fully experience the extra dimensionthat the twin sound decoders bring to this exquisite model.
It also includes an evaluation of the railcontroller software and a USB cable to enable you to get a feel for the software whilst giving you the ability to harness the power of the Dynamis Ultima.

The Set Contains:-
Western (ex Midland) Pullman 6 car unit Grey/Blue with digital sound
Oval of Track
Fully compatable with all other leading makes of track
Dynamis Ultima DCC System with Evailuation Railcontroller software

The Ultimate Train Set!

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